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Ph# 570-431-9050  Ricky 


As a professional working with one of the top 50 “Fortune 500” companies for over 20 years and a certified Microsoft technician, Ricky has added Photographer to his resume. What started as a hobby has now become the most exciting and passionate career that Ricky has experienced.

With his love for the outdoors, hiking and traveling, Ricky wanted a way to savor the moments and memories he was creating so he picked up a camera and clicked away. After falling in love with photography, Ricky educated himself with everything that comes along with it and continues to do so everyday. Learning new skills and techniques and keeping abreast on all the technology and trends that arise.

With his unique ability to capture all the beauty even the blandest object has to offer, along with his profound technical skills, Ricky has generated an exquisite portfolio of pictures from California to NYC, sunrises and sunsets, real estate properties and all the in-betweens.

Ricky has been featured in several publications, online and in magazines and was recognized as a finalist in “National Geographic” for their highly anticipated “Travel Photographer of the Year” editorial, as well countless editions of the Pocono Mountain magazine “Pocono Living”.

In addition to his continuous contribution to “Getty Images” and “Shutterstock”, Ricky has also established partnerships with companies such as “Mastercard” and “Ifonly”, where they showcase his photos and use them for the sale of their products.

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